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Last modified on August 11th, 2021

Statssa vacancies 2021:- In this article, we will share a new job post on statssa vacancies. This article is mainly for those job seekers who are trying to find stat SA jobs. This is only for people who were in search of stat SA field worker vacancies 2021. This time statssa is recruiting field workers, and this an excellent news for people who wants to apply for this job post. If you are not interested in this post, you can also try different statistics jobs in South Africa.

For more information on stats SA vacancies 2021, visit our site regularly. We immediately publish the job post as soon as the stats SA recruitment post is published on their official website. This article will be helpful for the people applying for stats SA field worker vacancies 2021, because we will share every information on statssa vacancies like Salary, Requirements, qualifications, etc. It’s a dream for every job seeker in South Africa to get a stats SA job.

Statssa vacancies 2021 | @Apply Now Statistics South Africa field worker vacancies

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Statssa vacancies 2021 | @Apply Now Statistics South Africa field worker vacancies

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Interested job seekers can read the full article to get detailed knowledge on these field worker jobs in Pretoria. This article is for those who are determined to for the statistics jobs in South Africa. This statssa vacancy is only for the field worker jobs in Pretoria.

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For more knowledge on stats SA recruitment check our website for more vacancies other than field worker jobs in Gauteng. So before applying for this stats SA field worker vacancies 2021, please read this article and then apply for it.

Requirements on Stats SA field worker vacancies 2021

Statssa vacancies aim to employ all those job seekers who help people to live a good life. Statssa jobs are government jobs which mainly attract all the people. For this reason, people always keep searching for statssa jobs or statssa vacancies as we have visited the statssa career page and found that there are many other jobs available other than the field worker jobs in Pretoria.

On this website, you can find all the latest government jobs in South Africa and also you can also get posts on jobs in Gauteng. But this post is mainly for the statssa jobs in Pretoria. You will also get all the vacancies in Gauteng. We provide jobs both for the freshers and also for the experienced people. Also, there are a lot of vacancies in Pretoria and statssa vacancies for graduate students.

Information related to Statssa Vacancies 2021:

We have gone through the entire website and found some helpful information related to Statssa vacancies in 2021. Below you will get to know all the related information for this statssa field worker vacancies. People who are thinking of applying for the statistics south Africa vacancies are requested to please double check all the details on the official website of Statssa before applying. Our team and we understand that a minor error in our article can cause a significant loss to you.

Vacancy Name: Statssa Vacancies 2021
Type of job: Field Worker job
Location: Pretoria, Gauteng
Salary : R1 057 326 – 1150000/- Est

Requirement for field worker vacancies:-

There are many vacancies available in the Statssa, so the requirement depends on the job post you are applying for. It is recommended that you visit their official website with the link given below, download the pdf from the official website, and read it carefully. You will get to know all the requirements related to the job post you are trying to apply for. 

Key Performance Areas: ● Ensure the development of strategic, policy, standard operating procedures, process
mapping and operational plans for field operations in the province ● Manage integrated Fieldwork Operations for all
surveys and Census in the province ● Ensure and promote good governance in the area of fieldwork operations ●
Liaise and provide support relating to internal and external stakeholders ● Manage staff, budget and other resources.

Prerequisites: ● A three-year tertiary qualification (NQF 7 SAQA recognised) in Mathematics, Statistics, Social
Studies, Demography and or Geography ● At least six years proven experience in the statistical production process,
data collection and monitoring, map reading, survey methodology and report writing ● Training in project
management ● Five (5) years of experience at a middle management level ● Knowledge of MS Office Suite ● A valid
driver’s license.

Person Profile: ● This position will suit a person with: ● Good communication, decision making, leadership,
presentation, conflict resolution, report writing and facilitation skills ● Customer focussed, strategic thinker, ability to
handle multiple and complex tasks, strong conceptual and analytical skills ● Ability to handle stressful situations ●
Willingness to work under pressure and long hours to meet deadlines ● Willingness to travel.

Application Fee:- There is no application fee for applying in Statssa vacancies. Its always recommended that you always check the official website by clicking on the apply now button below.

How to Apply for Statistics South Africa Vacancies 2021?

Applicants can visit the official site to apply for these statssa jobs vacancies. Follow the steps and learn how to apply for the statssa vacancies in 2021.

  • Applicants should click on the Apply Now button given below and visit the official website of Statssa.
  • After you click the Apply now button, you’ll be redirected to the official website of Statssa.
  • Then you should check the eligibility mentioned on the Statssa official website.
  • Submit the required document link CV and other supportive then you can apply.
  • Now cross-check everything before submitting the Statssa vacancies.
  • After completing all the steps and applying for the job, your program will be displayed on your screen.

What is form Z83?

Form Z83 is required to apply for any government job in South Africa. This form is designed to help the government to choose the right person for any particular job post. You can download Form Z83 from the download option given below.

Download z83 Form pdf New

Download z83 Editable form PDF

Why should you apply for Statistics South Africa field worker vacancies?

You should apply for Statssa jobs mainly because it comes under the government sector. So, it’s a high-paying job and employees working in the government sector have a small workload, so you can also say it’s a little stress-free job. Many people dream of getting a government job, and if you are getting it, you are one of the luckiest people. Moreover, you will be provided many facilities, and permanent employees working here are provided with facilities along with extra income.

Other than this job post, explore our site carefully. You will get a lot of other posts on statssa recruitment lot of Gauteng government jobs. Applicants also enjoy getting a list of all the jobs in South Africa along with the different vacancies in Pretoria.

Disclaimer:- We always recommend our viewers recheck all the requirements on the official website again because a tiny mistake can create a significant loss for you and may affect your career.

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About Statssa Vacancies and type of job work?

Statistics South African jobs are government jobs provided by the South African government. It aims to provide massive employment to all the qualified and suitable people of South Africa, which helps the people live happy lives. There are different jobs in the States, but this post is for the people interested in applying for the statssa field worker vacancies in 2021.

You will get many different vacancies to apply for in this Statssa, and our site will also help you apply for your required job post. We have also listed a lot of Statssa jobs along with the different jobs in South Africa. This post will help the people who aim to apply for the field worker post in the States.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) for Statssa Vacancies 2021:

  •  Which department is recruiting for this job?

Ans: Statistics South Africa is recruiting for this job.

  •  For which position is Statssa currently recruiting?

Ans: Statssa is recruiting for a field worker currently.

  •  What are the minimum requirements for this job by Statssa?

Ans: All the requirements and the process to apply for this job for fieldwork have been mentioned above.

  •  How do you apply for the job?

Ans: Many job seekers face a lot of problems applying for their desired job. So, to solve their problem, we have provided all the steps to apply for this job post.

  •  Which Organisation publishes the statistics in South Africa?

Ans: The South African Revenue Service (Sars) publishes the statistics in South Africa.

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Our Nxtgovtjobs is here to provide you with all the information on all the jobs in South Africa. We post all the Statssa job posts immediately it is published on the official website. All the Statssa vacancies such as dates, salary, requirements are also mentioned in our articles. You can also explore thousands of different vacancies available in South Africa on our website.

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