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Digital Marketing Jobs in Amritsar is for both fresher and experienced anyone can apply for these jobs. It is not that hard to find jobs in Digital Marketing in Amritsar. In further, I will share many tips to find Digital Marketing vacancies in Amritsar. If you want to find the Best vacancies in digital marketing jobs Amritsar then you have to work a little bit more. Another reason why it’s easy to find Digital Marketing job vacancies in Amritsar because nowadays every business needs Digital marketing services to grow their business to the next level.

The scope of Digital Marketing Jobs in Amritsar is very high. The main reason for that is Amritsar is a big and smart city as compare to other nearby cities. There are very few Digital Marketing companies in Amritsar and these new companies in Amritsar are hiring a new expert staff to grow the business. Without having experience in digital marketing, you defiantly not going to get a good job in Digital Marketing Amritsar.

First thing you should understand about Digital Marketing Jobs in Amritsar that you have to be an expert in digital Marketing Jobs before applying to any company. No test is required for Digital Marketing Jobs recruitment in Amritsar. It depends on the company that they hire directly or with an interview. Don’t worry the interview will not be that hard. In this article, I will share how to find jobs in Amritsar and you can earn money online from Digital Marketing Jobs by Seating at Home so stay connected.

The biggest advantage of Digital Marketing Jobs is that you can do 9-5 pm jobs in the day and at night you can work part-time. I will be sharing a few websites from which you can earn extra money.

How to get jobs in Digital Marketing Jobs Amritsar

Here I will teach you, how to find the best Digital Marketing Recruitment Amritsar for Freshers. There must be hundreds of companies in Amritsar which need the employees in their company for their business. Make a list of all companies available in Amritsar which are connected to Digital marketing directly or indirectly. Collect as much information as you can like a phone number, E-mail, etc.

Now, its time to send a resume to all these companies. write an impressive resume and make sure that your resume of  Digital Marketing should not be boring. write about the previous project you complete recently. The resume explains more about their company that how you can help the company to grow with your skills.

If the company will have Digital Marketing jobs available they will automatically call you or they will help you to find jobs in their other company. This way is the best and effective way of finding a job.

Digital Marketing jobs available

Company Name: Cassius Technologies Private Limited
Job Title Online Marketing Executive
Organization Type Private
Functional Area Marketing & Sales
Salary ₹ 15000 – 20000
Official link Apply now
Job Location:  Jalandhar; Punjab; Ludhiana; Chandigarh (140)

Find other jobs in Punjab link down in the end of the article.

Different type of Digital Marketing Jobs in Amritsar

1. Content Managers & Strategists

2. Virtual Reality Developers and Editors

3. SEO/SEM Specialists

4. UX Designer

5. Email Marketing Specialist

6. Digital Marketing Ma All Postsnagers & Directors

7. Analysts & AI Specialists

Digital Marketing jobs salary in Amritsar

Salary of Digital Marketing jobs in Amritsar for a new intern or for fresher may vary from 10,000/- to 40,000/-. After achieving the experience of a few years you can earn more when you have experience and more knowledge.

1) Digital Marketing Manager in Amritsar:- Companies like IT firms, Digital marketing, and Internet company have a higher demand for Digital Marketing Manager they can offer you the best salary per annum. Digital Marketing Manager requires a higher level of experience. 

The average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager jobs are Rs- 8,09,777 in India. This is for a candidate with a 4 –9 years range of experience. The salary of the Digital Marketing Manager varies from place to place like in Mumbai the average salary can vary from 4,00,00/- to 8,00,000/- or even more.

2) Pay Per Click Analyst in Amritsar:- Pay Per Click Analyst or some define it as SEM Analyst, it is one of the best Demanding jobs in the offline and online market. The person who can explain the company profit in the next few years. The company will high you quickly. 

The average salary of a Pay Per Click Analyst jobs are Rs- 2,00,000 in India. This is for a candidate with a 4 –9 years range of experience. The salary of Pay Per Click Analyst varies from place to place like in Mumbai the average salary can vary from 3,00,00/- to 4,00,000/- or even more.

3) SEO Specialist in Amritsar:- No matter what will be the new digital marketing tactics, SEO Specialist jobs will always be evergreen. A big website or big blogger needs the best SEO specialist for the website to grow in the future. 

The average salary of an SEO Specialist job is Rs- 2,20,000 in India. This is for a candidate with a 4 –9 years range of experience. The salary of SEO Specialists varies from place to place like in Mumbai the average salary can vary from 2,00,00/- to 5,00,000/- or even more.

4) Social Media Marketing:- social media marketing is another best option you have in digital marketing. You can make a huge amount of money through Social media marketing. In this, you basically promote something like any website, products, promote, and superstar accounts to get more followers, etc.

The average salary of a Social Media Marketing is Rs- 1,50,000 in India. This is for a candidate with a 3 years range of experience. The salary of Social Media Marketing varies from place to place like in Mumbai the average salary can vary from 1,00,00/- to 4,00,000/- or even more.

Tips for Improving skills in Digital Marketing

Here are a few ideas:

  • Take online digital marketing course every year to stay updated
  • Build your own website and work on the site regularly
  • Conduct informational interviews to learn more
  • Subscribe to blogs that offer free learning resources with new tricks and tips
  • Engage in Facebook groups in your area to understand the market need

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